Best Cooler for Paddle Board

Best Cooler for Paddle Boards | SUP Cooler Reviews |

Looking for the best Cooler for you Paddle Board?

More and more SUP users have started putting coolers on their boards. A cooler can offer more possibilities to you than just storing some cold drinks on a hot day on the lake.

Using a cooler on your SUP can help with:

  • Beginners who are still trying to learn how to balance
  • Overall stability
  • Providing a seat to rest on if you get too tired
  • Fishing


These three coolers will give you the optimum experience that you’re looking for:

  • RTIC Softpak 20
  • AO Soft
  • ENGEL 19


These coolers are guaranteed to:

  • Have space for everything you need
  • Keep your items cool for long
  • Satisfy every customer, since all of them have more than 4 stars on

SUP Cooler #1: RTIC SoftPak 20

This fantastic paddle boarding cooler can store everything that a rider may need. If you want to enjoy yourself on the water, it has room for up to twenty cans of your favorite beverage.

It’s constructed with puncture resistant material, so if you’re a fisher who may accidentally get your hook stuck in, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

The cooler is also leak-proof. A cracked bottle that goes unnoticed while you’re packing won’t ruin the trip.

The RTIC SoftPak 20 is perfect for longer trips. It has 2 inches of foam insulation and can keep ice from melting for five days. Even if you get lost along the way, you’ll still have those ice cold drinks!

Not only is it well insulated, but it’s sweat resistant. If you like your food/drinks really cold, you don’t have to worry about the cooler slipping out of your hands due to condensation.

The RTIC SoftPak 20 weighs 3.0 lbs and comes in grey/black. It can hold 20 cans, 15 quarts, 20 pounds of ice, or 3.75 gallons.


SUP Cooler #2: AO Soft

This canvas cooler [image:] is perfect for storing any food or drink you may need on your stand up paddling trip!

Not only does it have enough room to keep 12 cans cool inside, but it has an additional side pocket for dry foods that you don’t need cold, but still want to bring.

It features a removable shoulder strap for easy transport. If you’re planning to paddle board while traveling, you’re covered.

The AO Soft cooler will keep everything well insulated, with ¾ inch thick high quality foam, and it’ll keep it protected. It’s built with strong TPU liner, so when you’re riding on harsh waves, you and your cooler are sure to be safe.

The cooler weighs 3 lbs and measures at 12 x 7 x 14 inches. It can hold 12 cans and 5 pounds of ice.  (but there’s options for various sizes too)

It’s available in a variety of colors, including navy, charcoal, blue, mossy oak, red, and black.


SUP Cooler #3: ENGEL 19

The Engel 19 can easily be transported, with having both handles and a shoulder strap. It’s not only hassle free, but optionally hands-free.

This cooler is airtight and made from a high quality polystyrene core, so it’s sure to stay intact no matter what conditions you’re riding in.

With polystyrene insulation, all your drinks will stay chilled and refreshing for up to two days. Even if you end up losing your trail, you’ll still have those ice cold drinks!

It’s non-absorbent surface resists stains, so if your soda happens to spill, it won’t be the end for your cooler.

The USA made ENGEL 19 weighs 6 pounds and measures at 13 x 11 x 16.6 inches. It can hold up to 19 quarts and is available in tan and white.


Which is the One for You?

All three of these coolers offer amazing insulation and can store as much as any user may need with room for more. They’re reliable in all conditions, whether you’re going for a long trip or a short swim. And they all cost under $150.

  • The AO Soft comes in a variety of sizes: 12 pack, 24 pack, 36 pack, and 48 pack, and it’s a little kinder to your wallet. If you’re looking for a cooler that can also store dry food, this is the one for you.
  • The RTIC Softpak 20 and the ENGEL 19 are great for those paddle boarders who are also interested in fishing.The ENGEL 19 is even available in two forms: the original, and one with rod holders.
  • Even though the RTIC Softpak 20 may land on the pricier side compared to the other two coolers, it’s high quality makes it worth the cost.