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Best Cooler for Paddle Boards | SUP Cooler Reviews |

Looking for the best Cooler for you Paddle Board?
More and more SUP users have started putting coolers on their boards. A cooler can offer more possibilities to you than just storing some cold drinks on a hot day on the lake.

Paddle Board Coolers

It doesn’t take long to realize that you might need a SUP cooler on your extended trips out on the water.  What starts out as short little paddles out onto the water gradually turn into longer journeys.  Why?  Because paddle boarding is so much fun and peaceful.  Once you have been out on the water repeatedly you’ll discover that it gives you great peace of mind and you’ll want to do it more often and for longer periods of time.

You’ll soon discover that you need some food and beverage while on these longer paddle boarding sessions.  Pulling that hot, half-rotten sandwich from your dry bag and washing it down with flaming hot water from your water bottle gets old quickly.   In floats the perfect paddle board ice chest!  Who says you can’t spend then entire day paddling around and have the finest, chilled cuisine this side of the marina!

Quick Comparison (our Favorites)

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Besides the obvious food benefits a great sup cooler will also:

  • Provide a comfortable seat on your paddle board
  • Be essential while fishing from your SUP
  • Allow you to be away from the office for ridiculous amounts of time (our favorite reason!)

These three coolers will give you the optimum experience that you’re looking for:

  • SEEHONOR Backback 
  • AO Soft
  • ENGEL 19
  • ENGEL Fishing Cooler

These coolers are guaranteed to:

  • Have space for everything you need
  • Keep your items cool for long amounts of time
  • Arrive quickly as they are available on Amazon Prime (it’s the best isn’t it?!)

SEEHONOR Backpack Cooler

This highly rated backpack cooler can easily be used as a paddle boarding cooler and can store everything that a rider may need. If you want to enjoy yourself on the water, it has room for up to just enough cans of your favorite beverage and some room for your lunches too.

It’s has a couple of nice features including a side pocket, perfect for your wallet and cell phone… especially if you’re out fishing on your SUP!  The side pockets are not waterproof so toss your phone in a ziplock back first.

Did we meantion the build in bottle opener? Yup, it’s got one too.

Not only is it well insulated, but it’s sweat resistant. If you like your food/drinks really cold, you don’t have to worry about the cooler  turning into a wet, mess.

Why a backpack cooler?  If you’ve ever had to carry all of your gear a great distance to the shoreline you’ll appreciate a cooler that hangs on your back.  This will be one less trip back to your car to grab yet another item.  Then simply strap this attractive chilling beast to the front of your board and off your go!

SUP Cooler #2: AO Soft

This canvas cooler is perfect for storing any food or drink you may need on your stand up paddling trip!

Not only does it have enough room to keep 12 cans cool inside, but it has an additional side pocket for dry foods that you don’t need cold, but still want to bring.

It features a removable shoulder strap for easy transport. If you’re planning to paddle board while traveling, you’re covered.

The AO Soft cooler will keep everything well insulated, with ¾ inch thick high quality foam, and it’ll keep it protected. It’s built with strong TPU liner, so when you’re riding on harsh waves, you and your cooler are sure to be safe.

The cooler weighs 3 lbs and measures at 12 x 7 x 14 inches. It can hold 12 cans and 5 pounds of ice. (but there’s options for various sizes too)
It’s available in a variety of colors, including navy, charcoal, blue, mossy oak, red, and black and more!!!.

SUP Cooler #3: ENGEL 19

The Engel 19 can easily be transported, with having both handles and a shoulder strap. It’s not only hassle free, but optionally hands-free.

This cooler is airtight and made from a high quality polystyrene core, so it’s sure to stay intact no matter what conditions you’re riding in.

With polystyrene insulation, all your drinks will stay chilled and refreshing for up to two days. Even if you end up losing your trail, you’ll still have those ice cold drinks!

It’s non-absorbent surface resists stains, so if your soda happens to spill, it won’t be the end for your cooler.

The USA made ENGEL 19 weighs 6 pounds and measures at 13 x 11 x 16.6 inches. This study ice chest can hold up to 19 quarts and is available in tons of colors... looking for a pink cooler?  This is the one.  Want a baby blue sup cooler to go with your new bathing suit… yep they make that color too!

Going Fishing?

If you are looking for the perfect cooler while fishing from your sup or kayak look no further.  Check out the specs in the cooler above now just imagine having some built in fishing rod holders.  Yes!  This is no joke.

The fisherman’s version of this watertight cooler/drybox is perfect in every way. No corners were cut when they designed this one. They even use stainless steel fasteners to make this color rust proof.

This cooler is designed for live bait and has an electric aerator to keep your bait alive and fresh. The aerator’s 2 speed pump will run on 2 D Cell batteries, a car lighter outlet or even a 110 volt connection. Yes, it comes with a 12volt adapter.

Don’t need all of those rod holders? No problem… they are removable.

Which is the Best SUP Cooler for You?

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All three of these coolers offer amazing insulation and can store as much as any user may need with room for more. They’re reliable in all conditions, whether you’re going for a long trip or a short swim. And they all are affordable, especially considering some of the ridiculously expensive coolers to hit the market in recent times (I’m talking about you Mr. Yeti).

  • The SEEHONOR is great if you want a wee bit smaller cooler and less trips to the shoreline, carrying gear.
  • The F40C4TMP Soft Pack and the ENGEL 19 are great for those paddle boarders who are also interested in fishing.
  • The ENGEL 19 is even available in two forms: the original, and one with rod holders. The F40C4TMP Soft Pack has a built in bottle opener and it’s waterproof side pocket is super handy for your wallet and cell phone.