Fishing Accessories For Your SUP

Fishing Accessories for your SUP

Fishing is a great way to spend some time alone or with your family on vacation, especially if you own a paddle board. Paddle boards are big enough to hold a multitude of accessories, and accessories for fishing are no exception.

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Paddle Board Fishing Accessories - The Works!

Don’t forget these items on your next SUP fishing trip!

Besides life jackets or other safety floatation devices, there are many other different contraptions to consider when thinking about going on a fishing excursion with your board.

SUP Fishing Seats

Standing up on your paddle board while fishing can get tiring after a while, and simply sitting on the board may be uncomfortable or awkward. Don’t worry, there are SUP seats available for you to enjoy your fishing experience out on the water!  

Before you buy a paddle board seat make sure you spec it out. Most of the seats are designed for kayaks but work perfectly fine for paddle boards provided you have some rings to clip on to.

If you board doesn’t have equipment rings, you are not completely out of luck. You can get aftermarket equipment systems to attach to your board like those below:


SUP Cooler

During long days fishing out on the water, you can get incredibly thirsty. Staying hydrated is made easier with SUP coolers, which will keep your drinks cold and can even triple up as a seat and a dry box if you want!

Some SUP coolers can come with rod holders as well, so you can keep your extra poles out of the way while you fish.

Another good idea is to use the cooler solely for fish, so you can bring home your catch of the day!

Dry Boxes/Waterproof Cases

Fishing in the middle of a lake on an SUP obviously poses some threats: any important items you have, like your phone, wallet, or keys, could fall in the water!

An essential accessory to have on your day trip is any kind of waterproof case or dry box, preferably one you can tie down to your board. A cooler can also double up as a dry box if you don’t put any ice in it.

Waterproof cases can be hard boxes or bags that sling around your shoulders to keep important items close to you and dry! This stylish color works great and comes in some really cool looking retro colors!

 Storing Live Bait

Sometimes you really just need live bait. Minnow, live shrimp, you just have to have the right baitfish. Well Engel now makes a watertight dry box / cooler that has an electric aerator to keep your bait alive and well…well until you hook that monster prize fish!

The Engel fisherman’s cooler also comes with removable rod holders. Perfect for serious paddle boarding fisherman!

Paddle Holders

You obviously won’t be using your paddle a lot while sitting stationary, fishing to your heart’s content. Paddle holders will keep your paddles out of the way while not interfering with the rest of your gear.

If you own a solid SUP, you can use a deck rigging device. I wouldn’t rely on the suction power if you have a blowup paddleboard…well just use your best judgement and don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Nope, anchors aren’t just for holding boats in place. They can also stop your paddle board from drifting too much on the water while you fish!

Heck, this anchor is so good looking your wife will probably want to borrow it for yoga.

DIY Paddle Board Anchor

Strapped for cash or just too cheap to buy an anchor?

Check out this detailed tutorial detailing how to make your own paddle board anchor! Watch the whole thing because he also demonstrates some clever ways to use the anchor while fishing!

Rod Holders and Cup Holders

Rod holders can be equipped on coolers, tackle racks, or they can come on their own and attach to the front or rear of your board.

Note: The suction cup fishing rod holders are intended for transporting your rods on your board…not holding the rod upright while fishing.

Rod holders are convenient and essential for any fishing excursion because they keep your SUP clear of lines and hooks. They prevent lines tangling and hooks snagging onto your clothes.  

Cup Holder for Paddle Board - Suctions On!

On the other hand, cup holders are obviously good for holding drinks while you’re busy reeling in a huge fish. Cup holders, like rod holders, can come attached to other storage equipment like coolers. There are also individual cup holders that attach anywhere on your board.

You can certainly through a cold one in this…

Oh yeah! Now we’re paddling in style.

SUP Stabilizers

For beginner paddlers who just want to have a peaceful fishing experience, SUP stabilizers are optimum accessories for those of you who have trouble balancing on the board.

Even for more experienced paddlers, it can be tough not falling in the water with the weight of all your fishing equipment on the board, so stabilizers are the way to go.

Stabilizers are like floats that go on either side of the middle of the board, attaching to the board by wrapping around and buckling.

Stabilizers add just enough balance to allow you to enjoy fishing in peace:

Crates and Crate Pads

If you want a more simple and impromptu storage device for your fishing equipment and board paddles, a standard milk crate attached to your SUP with a crate pad is the way to go. This also means you only pack once…through everything into the crate at your house and then just strap the crate on…no transferring of items back and forth.

Crate pads attach to the bottom of the milk crate and then attach to the board, therefore attaching the crate to the board. Throw all your fishing gear in the crate and you’re good to go!

SUP Crate Pad

Good crate pads also come with four straps at each corner that wrap around fishing poles and keep them in place while in the crate.

Board Lights

Sometimes, the best time to fish isn’t in broad daylight. Depending on where you are, the best time to fish might be in the wee hours of the morning or late at night, when it’s dark outside. You’ll be stuck in a bad situation if you’re out there in the dark with no light!

An essential accessory to have while night fishing is a board light, preferably one that attaches to your board. Board lights keep you safe in the dark, so you can see where you are and so you can be seen by other watercraft (motorboats and such).

You can also go out and get a couple heavy-duty, waterproof flashlights and attach them to the front, rear, and sides of your board with a strong adhesive.

Now you know that SUP boards can be rigged and transformed into a fishing raft in no time with the right materials. Hopefully these tips help you the next time you plan a fishing excursion with your SUP.

Happy fishing!