Jeep Paddle Board Racks

jeep paddle board racks

Looking for a set of racks for your Jeep?  Here’s all the information and supplies you’ll need to transport your stand up paddle board safely.

If you drive a Jeep Wrangler you are more than likely into outdoor sports.  Here’s some excellent options if you are in the market for a Jeep paddle board rack.

Jeep Wrangler Paddle Board Rack Necessities:

Here are the accessories you need to transport your SUP safely to the shoreline:

  • Pair of Racks (crossbars)
  • Straps
  • Pads (optional but recommended)
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Each pair of the racks reviewed are really just luggage racks but are suitable for paddle boards.  Most racks are multipurpose this way and are just marketed towards different sports and uses.  

Each of these racks are meant for Jeep Wrangler Hard Tops. They all have a clamping mechanism that clamps down on the rain gutters along the side of the Jeep’s roof.

Hooke Road Roof Rack Cross Bars

These racks will make a great addition to your Jeep Wrangler. They are one of the most affordable rooftop systems available. Why is everything so expensive for Wranglers? 

Once mounted to the roof they are aerodynamic and as such will cut down on that dreaded wind noise.  But let’s be real, no rack is perfect… depending on what you strap on and how fast you drive makes a discernible difference in how quiet the racks will be while driving.

Like all of the Jeep paddle board racks reviewed here, they clamp onto your vehicle’s rain gutter so they are very secure without having to make any holes or damage to your vehicle in any way.

This model’s width is just over 3 inches  (3.15 inches) so if you absolutely want pads you’ll have to find a suitable pair.  The Rhino pads will work but don’t expect an absolutely perfect fit.  Paddle boards have pads built into the deck already so you don’t always need to add pads to racks.  You can transport without pads if you are very careful.

As a nonspecific rack system you’ll easily be able to carry lots of different sporting boards atop your Jeep’s roof, snowboards, skis, etc.

SnailAuto Black Luggage Roof Rack

These racks are for a Jeep and seem to be a popular choice but pay attention to the models and years they fit onto.  Also, the instructions are very much nonexistent so if this is your first pair of roof racks you might want to skip over this particular set.  

The crossbars are different lengths combined with the lack of instructions might leave you bamboozled.  If you do manage to install these to your hardtop Jeep, then you’ll have a decent set of low profile racks at an affordable price to strap your paddle boards onto!

Rhino Rack Aero Bar

These Rhino crossbars are a well designed jeep wrangler paddle board rack. They make a nice rugged statement to your off roading vehicle and have a line of accessories too!  What we like best about these racks is that Rhino makes a pad specifically for these racks.  If you want extra padding between your roof and your SUP this is a perfect match.  Just make sure you grab a pair of straps too.

Rhino Rack Vortex Roof Rack Wrap Pads

Rack pads can be considered somewhat optional depending on many factors.  How delicate is your paddle board, what terrain will you be traveling over and how much you care to name a few.  These pads are overpriced but sometimes a few extra dollars is better than a ruined board.

If you have an ultra light performance stand up paddle board that’s made of kevlar and carbon and costs $2500 you’re going to want to invest in the extra padding.

If you have an old, cheap board and are just looking to get to a nearby lake, well in that case the deck padding on the board itself is probably enough provided you take it easy during the ride.

Pad or no pad don’t forget to invest in a good pair of straps.

Dorsal Straps

We like these Dorsal general roof straps.  They are super durable and at 15 feet in length you can use them for multiple SUPs stacked, kayaks and all kinds of stuff you might want to tie down.

Hopefully this shed some light on which racks for Jeeps will be the wisest choice for you paddle boards.  Remember to keep your highway speeds moderate, especially when driving into a headwind.  Stay safe and as always get out there and keep paddling!

ps. Don’t forget the straps!