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Kurt & Zoe’s Family SUP Blog

Hey, it’s Kurt & Zoe here!  We try to get our paddle on where every we can.  Oh yeah… our dog Bodhi sometimes comes along for the ride too.  Although paddle boarding is a way for us to get away from the daily grind, so we rarely bring technology, we do occasionally document some of our paddle boarding travels and experiences.  Maybe your’ll find them interesting!  Thanks for reading 🙂

cross bay adventure Cross Bay Adventure - We decided to try out our new try paddle board dry bag by paddling a semi-new excursion on the northern coast of Long Island. While visiting family in New York we of course brought our paddle boards!  I mean they are usually the first consideration and the first thing to get packed.  I finally got […]
how to fix a cracked nutribullet base Fixing a Cracked Nutribullet Base - Oops I dropped my Nutribullet base and broke the plastic!  I had to think of a quick fix… the ingredients were already in the cup, I was all set to go!  What to do?
Failure to Launch SUP in dangerous winds! Failure to Launch - Being November 11th, it was definitely getting late in the boating / beach season here in New England. I thought today would be my last day to go paddle boarding. I was sort of right… My day started out like any other in. I packed my paddle into the bed of my truck and strapped […]
5 Miles Out: Why I Stand Up Paddle Boarded into the middle of the Long Island Sound 5 Miles Out (SUP in L.I Sound) - I decided to design a solo paddle boarding trip out into the Long Island Sound. My wife and I frequently visit Hammonasset State park which sits comfortably on the south shore of Connecticut. We’ve done plenty of paddling and swimming there but have never really ventured too far out or too far from our launch […]
Caught in a Wind Squall While Paddle Boarding: Our Crazy Trip! Caught in a Wind Squall! (Paddleboarding) - Zoe and I have been getting more comfortable paddle boarding together. Now that we both have boards we’ve been able to travel farther. Since we are together it is safer and more fun. Taking turns on a single board is rather limiting. Today were set out to make one of our longer SUP journeys. We […]
Paddle Boarding Dog - Table of ContentsMeet BodhiOne Step (paddle) at a Time!Life JacketsDog LeashesTraining   Wondering if your dog will make a good co-captain on your paddle board? Find out what we did with ours! Meet Bodhi Our 5 year old spring spaniel, Bodhi absolutely loves the water. He loves swimming, boating, anything that involves water to be […]
paddle board strapped in back of truck Truck Tie Down (DIY) - At 10 foot 4 inches my wife’s paddle board is somewhat of a beast. Actually I’m finding out that compared to most other paddle boards her’s a wee bit shorter and a whole lot lighter in weight. Even still getting it to stay safely in the back of my little silver pickup truck is concerning […]
paddle board strapped in truck My Very Own SUP - If you’ve been following along with our journey into stand up paddle boarding I’ve got a big surprise for you.
paddle boarding beach My First Paddle - So now that my wife finally has her paddleboard we have been making all kinds of excuses to use it. We have been making an attempt to go to various bodies of water way more often than we had done in the past.
Our First Paddle Board Our First Paddle Board - My wife, Zoe has been bugging me for the past year about a paddle board. She wanted one so bad and she had been getting on my nerves a wee bit.