Fixing a Cracked Nutribullet Base

how to fix a cracked nutribullet base

Oops I dropped my Nutribullet base and broke the plastic!  I had to think of a quick fix… the ingredients were already in the cup, I was all set to go!  What to do?
As athletes and avid outdoor enthusiasts Zoe and I tend to be on the go all the time.  We do a lot of long distance running and as much paddle boarding in between we possibly manage.

As a result nutrition has become an equally important part of our lives.

Maximum activity require a quality diet right?

But there’s nothing worse than trying to cook a fresh, home-cooked meal and then heading out to engage in a some physically demanding sport.  You just can’t. Not at least comfortably. So Zoe and I typically supplement or even replace some meals altogether with various kinds of shakes and smoothies. They are delicious, we love ‘em.  Most importantly our shakes and smoothies are fast to make, cleanup, and consume. Yep, it’s off to the races!

So when I dropped the nutribullet base and broke the plastic I had to think fast. The base is the part with the extractor blade; it basically does all the blending.  It’s the part in the photo below.

fixing nutribullet - 1

You can see by the photo above that the plastic that supports the nutribullet base had a large spiral crack around it.  Fortunately all the parts were still intact. In fact, if the plastic had broken off completely I would not be recommending the following fix for the nutribullet base.  As nasty as the broken base was it was still all intact.

A Temporary Quick Fix

To make a temporarily fix a cracked nutribullet base you can carefully wrap the base with plastic stretch wrap!  I recommend the stretch wrap because it will compress the extractor blade base making it very much watertight. You can try using regular plastic wrap but it will probably leak because it’s just not all too stretchy.

First you just want to add your ingredients to the blender cup as normal.  I was using pea-protein, banana, flax seed, almond milk and some water.  Yummy and nutritious!

Next you want to screw the base onto the cup.  Because the plastic was cracked you can’t screw everything together tightly.  Just screw them together until it would have stopped turning if the plastic wasn’t broken.

fixing nutribullet - 2

With the cup screwed into the base begin wrapping the stretch plastic around the base and the cup.  To use stretch plastic effectively you have to keep constant tension while wrapping. This will make a quick and cheap seal making your broken blender base water-tight… or in my case pea-protein-smoothie-tight!

fixing nutribullet - 3

After you’ve made about 5 complete passes around the unit you should be good to go.  I would flip the blender cup and base over (right-side-up) over the sink and check for leaks.  Mine didn’t leak one bit.

Finally blend away like normal!

To seperate your blender cup from the base you’ll have to unwind all that stretch wrap plastic.  Even after I blended my smoothie I was surprised to find that the smoothie still didn’t leak.

fixing nutribullet - 4

I ordered a new nutribullet extractor blade base from amazon and just continued to use the plastic stretch wrap fix until the new base arrived a few days later!

Btw.  I think everyone should keep a roll of this amazing plastic stretch wrap in their homes.

 I have found so many used for it. It’s great if your suitcase zipper breaks, mailing delicate objects, the list is endless.

fixing nutribullet - 5