My First Paddle

paddle boarding beach

So now that my wife finally has her paddleboard we have been making all kinds of excuses to use it. We have been making an attempt to go to various bodies of water way more often than we had done in the past.

Now you see, it’s her board and I’m just the one who packs it up in the truck. So while she’s out paddling around I bring my little beach chair and a good book. Going to the beach to do some reading is actually one of our favorite pastimes as a couple.


I don’t mind sittin, reading by myself at all. Just seeing how happy my wife is on that big board makes me happy too.


Well, today was the day. I finally decide to try out her paddleboard!   We were visiting friends at their lake house and the water was really calm. What better day then today to try paddleboarding?


I must say it felt a wee bit strange standing facing directly forward on the board. I had grown up skateboarding when I was really young, which lead to great amount of surfing towards my later years. All of these board-sports require the rider to stand sideways on the board.


But SUP? – the rider faces forward. Well I got over that quickly and was no sooner paddling around the calm lake. Although my wife’s board is rated for somebody up to my size I could immediately tell that the board was slightly too small for me. I had to work too hard to balance on it.


Did I like it?


You bet I did. And I like the idea of having yet another activity that my wife and I could do together even better! I just might be in the market for one of these boards eventually.


They are really expensive though. So for now I think I’ll just keep watching my wife paddle around while I read my book comfortably from shore.